Fix the 1015 error loop and get back your jailbroken iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 2G (Mac)

Did you just jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 3GS only to accidentally destroy all your hard work by pressing the update button? Stuck in an endless loop of 1015 error messages and inescapable recovery mode? Fear not! I have found the answer…

Read the instructions in full before trying the steps.

Disclaimer: This guide for educational purposes only. So, try it at your own risk. I can NOT be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Please read through the instructions before implementing.

Download iOS 4.1 (iPhone2,1_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw)

Download RedSn0w 0.9.6b4

Download RecBoot

Step 1. Plug in your iPhone and launch iTunes and RecBoot.

Step 2. In iTunes, Press and hold Option and click on the restore button. This will allow you to choose the iPhone2,1_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw file as your firmware.

ATTENTION: iOS 4.1 will update your baseband which is not reversible. It will void your warranty, and you will not be able to update or recover the phone to any other iOS.

Step 3. Let iTunes and the iPhone go through the sequence. They will still display the 1015 error message, but this is not a problem.

Step 4. In RecBoot, press the Exit Recovery button. This will bring your iPhone to a Emergency State… where you still see the “connect with iTunes” image on your iPhone screen, but you would be able to make emergency calls.

Step 5. Launch RedSn0w.

Step 6. Click Browse, and choose the iPhone2,1_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw as the file you want to use. If your iPhone is of the new OS (most likely, yes) confirm it.

Step 7. Now select your desired options. Make sure that at least Install Cydia is selected. Now hit Next button.

Step 8. RedSn0w will ask you to turn off your device. Hold down the Power button until the red slider comes on and turn off the phone. When it’s off and plugged in, hit the Next button.

Step 9. Follow the on screen instructions. At this point it may simply go through the sequence, but in case it doesn’t you’ll be instructed to put your device into DFU mode.

On iPhone hold down Power button for 3 seconds,

without releasing Power button, hold Home for 10 seconds,

without releasing Home button, release Power button and hold Home button for 30 seconds.

Step 10. Once your device goes into DFU mode, RedSn0w will start jailbreaking it. Once done, you can find the Cydia icon on your iPhone 3G home screen.

You should be fixed, out of the loop and done. If you want to re-Unlock your phone simply follow these instructions.

Whatever you do after this, just make sure not to press the update button when you plug in your iPhone, or else you’ll have to go through these steps all over again.


iOS4 – Haters gonna Hate

There’s been a lot flack recently about the new iOS4 update for the iPhone 3GS, and I’d just like to defend the system a bit by telling you what I love about it.

1. The number one thing that annoyed me most about the old iPhone software was that whenever music was playing on Pandora, or on the Internet and I wanted to play Solitaire at the same time, or check my email, the sound would shut off and the program would shut down. As such, I hardly ever used those programs for more than a couple seconds. I would check out what I needed, then go back to whatever I was doing and Pandora got barely used at all since I downloaded the app.

With the new iOS4 Multitasking I can conveniently listen to music on Pandora while surfing the web, playing several games and chatting with some friends. I can also access the music through my multitasking bar and pause or skip.

2. With Multitasking I can now more efficiently find programs that I recently accessed, especially in situations where I don’t have the time or required attention to figure out where the program’s app picture is. I simply double click, and there it is. Although I find I often need to close out programs as a sort of sweep every so often, since they keep running unless you shut them down, this feature has made my life infinitely easier and more efficient.

3. Folders: For years I have been trying to organize my Apps, but whenever I add anything new the order would shuffle, so I had almost given up hope of keeping them in a structured environment. Then the Folders upgrade came, and suddenly everything was exactly where I wanted, and easy to find. I will say that it would be better if there was a single picture for each folder instead of many mini pictures, but as for now, I like just having everything in it’s place and a place for everything. All my apps fit on my first screen.

4. Background Picture. Something I’ve wanted to be able to do for a while finally appeared on iPhone: adaptable background Home screens. We had it on MySpace, and on our own computers and even on other cell phones and now I can look at whatever pretty thing I want all the time, instead of only when my iPhone is locked.

5. Playlists and Genius. I don’t know how many times I have been out and about and wishing that I could create my own playlist, or at least find other songs in my iPod that sounded similar to the one that I was randomly listening too right now. Again, Apple read my mind and gave me exactly what I wanted.

Now: I’ve heard a lot of negative stuff about iPhone 4, which I do not own and so cannot evaluate. Admittedly there are some major hardware and software bugs to iron out, but I have to say that video chat is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time, and if your problems can be solved by buying a case, they can’t be that major of an issue.
There may be other phones and systems that have everything Apple has and more, and I’m perfectly willing to see and accept superiority, but they’ve got to work on the publicity angle. Despite the ridiculous things Apple throws at us sometimes, they always show a variety of features for their products in simple, attractive and clear ways so that the consumer not only thinks “ooh cool” but also knows what the product includes feature wise. Although I’ve heard that Android is by far a superior product, I have to admit that in watching the commercials, I’m not entirely certain how they work, what they feature and what makes them special. If I have to stare at charts that give me numbers I don’t understand saying Android is better, then I think it should be easy for the company to show that through commercials (NOT by comparison but by marketing the superiority and features of their product).

Obviously, no matter what, sides will be taken, and many are entitled to disagree with my perspective. I just wanted to say: I love my iPhone, with iOS4. Haters gonna hate.

The Day from Hell

Now this day was in no way the worst day of my life. I’ve had days where I was sicker, busier and had more shit happen to me. This one just happened to be on the first day of finals week, in a thunderstorm, at midnight, in the rain.

The day started innocuously enough. I languorously waked from happy dreams with a slight tickle in my throat and sat up to greet the morning in song. Much to my surprise, however, I found my voice was incapable of producing anything more than a strained growl. I instantly turned from sleepy stupor to panic. My juries were tomorrow! How was I to sing in them if I had no voice?

With white-board and marker in hand, I ran over to the music building to tell my voice teacher, who sent me to the nurse’s office, which was closed for the lunch hour. I spent the waiting time stitching a pair of torn hikama pants. The nurse gave me no more information than I already had. My throat was sore… I was given ibuprofen and numbing lozenges and told it was not infected.

I ran back to the music building to check out a pair of cameras for a video shoot that evening, to turn in my peer evaluation for an Ethnomusicology and to work for an hour before my 6pm final. Even getting to my final involved driving my car back and forth between the same two parking lots over the course of ten minutes. By this time it had begun to rain lightly, causing my sandaled feet to shiver in agony.

After the final, I drove my friend to grab the cameras I had left at my apartment, changed my shoes and grabbed the 21 pizzas he had ordered from Domino’s for our aikido dinner. I had barely enough time to go over the filming schedule for the night, grab a slice of pizza and publish a website before we were all running over to the Fine Arts center with the gear, cast and props.

The filming went surprisingly well, considering my laryngitic status, the complete unfamiliarity with the ancient cameras we were using and the constant miscommunication between people. We actually managed to get most of the filming done in the time we were allotted with only a couple separately located scenes left to film. Star trek meets aikido has never been more epic. By the end of the session, I was beyond parched, exhausted and a little cranky, so I loaded the cameras into my car and headed home. The moment I exited the building, the thunder-clapped clouds began pelting down golf ball sized raindrops.

I was just getting my gear out of my car and had retrieved the cameras from the trunk when I realized I had locked my keys in the car, and myself out of my own apartment.
The next hour involved calling AAA and Security during a thunderstorm, at midnight, in the rain (in a locked and gated community) and having them let me into my apartment and my car. The walk back home left my pants soaked to the knees, my brain dead and my body too tired to care.

I hope you had a better day than I.

Losing Sylvia

The past couple of days have been a roller-coaster of doubts, worries and issues, but all that is finally over.
For school this year I decided that instead of investing in heavy, bulky books I would buy the digital versions of all of my textbooks at . This option was both cheaper, more efficient and would put less strain on my back walking to classes every day. The one eventuality I did not expect hit me the first day of classes. I had just downloaded a software update and was letting my computer, Sylvia, restart so I left it for a couple minutes and came back to it. The screen was black. I pressed the power button… nothing happened. I pressed it again and nine loud short short long high pitched beeps emitted from the computer. Although the computer began to heat up, the screen remained blank. This was about 5 minutes before my first class of the day, so I just pick it up and put it in my bag, hoping it will maybe fix itself.
After my first class, and no more luck, I call Apple and they say to ship it out to them (4-6 days of service time). At this point I’m wondering how many professors would consider this to be a viable excuse for why I have nothing to show for the first week of classes. So I ship it out to them (on the second try since FedEx arrived too early the first time), and leave for the weekend to go on choir tour. At this point the only access to my life is through my iPhone, that needs to be charged about twice a day. I can still get emails, texts, AIM and Facebook, but my textbooks refuse to be accessed.
Apple sends me an email on Saturday that the repair is done and they are shipping it back, far sooner than I ever expected. I arrive home to find my apartment complex office closed, and no way to get my computer before my 9am class.
All seemed to work out… my class canceled the homework, and I was able to do the rest of my work on library computers, but nothing is quite like being able to type these words with Sylvia, and have my own lifeline and information back again.