Update… Life in GB.

So here is the PaperDandelion life update, for those of you who care.

I’m currently working as a waitress at a golf club, where I spend half the time pouring old men drinks, and half the time sitting around while they all go off and play golf. It’s very good pay, and the people are nice, if sometimes a little crude. I’m planning on going on to school… yes, I know, I’m not ready to grow up quite yet. I’m applying to Oxford Brookes University, though I don’t know yet if I’ll get into the program, for the Psychology conversion course. For less than 20 grand I can get my Psychology masters in 1 1/2 years.
I have managed to make some friends in the country, although they’re a little far away, and since I don’t have a car the cab fares are exorbitant, but it’s worth it. They all come from this little village called Ley Hill where every night of the week it seems there’s a party going on. The people are lively, we play games like Pub Quizzes and Killer Darts, and everyone gets drunk every night of the week. It’s an atmosphere where no matter who you are, you instantly feel comfortable and a part of the group.

Although I’ll miss them all, I’m looking forward to the future, and hopefully will be in Oxford sometime this year. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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