Unique and Original

There is no such thing as true originality. Everything you have ever thought or said has been equivocally thought and said before by thousands. Though the DNA may be microscopically different, you are not a unique snowflake. Your struggle is not original; your story is not new; your melody is an old tune and your jokes are older than you are.

Lucky for you, we love to hear the same stories over and over again with slight variation. Our memory is such that we forgive endless monotony for the way things simply are. We are comforted by familiarity, by traditions and allusions. Although we know that we are not special, we still like to think our perspective needs to be shared. We act in self-assuring interest, desperately believing in simultaneous belonging and individuality. We will read your stories, listen to your songs, giggle at your jokes and laughingly tell you when you surprise us that you are wonderful, beautiful and unique.

But we will ostracize you if your situation makes us feel uncomfortable with our own comfort, although we have felt your pains. We will convince ourselves that melanin makes a difference to who we are and that a belief in something greater than ourselves is not enough to rectify the tiny discrepancies in doctrine. Our political beliefs, although rational and not that different, will cause us to shout hateful things, and question each other’s judgment, intelligence and even humanity. We will forget you when you do not confront us, and hate you when you force us to see something of ourselves in you.

We will expect everything from you, and give you nothing. And so will you. You are not a unique snowflake. You are us, and we are you.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. – “I am the Walrus” The Beatles


One thought on “Unique and Original

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