Donald Trump – Class Warfare

I don’t think most people in comfortable living situations truly have any idea what an economic crisis is. They complain about having to pay more for gas, or plane tickets, or taxes because the small things are their biggest problems.

An economic crisis isn’t an inconvenience. It’s families struggling to feed their kids, thousands having to quit school to earn enough money to keep a roof over their heads, it’s living with 12 other people in a single room and whoring yourself out on the street just to get formula for your baby.

The classes have never been more disparate. The middle ground is disappearing as the rich get richer, and everyone earning less than 70,000 dollars a year is joining the ranks of those who earn less than 20,000. The charity of man is being weeded out, voted down and budget cut.

I can’t think of anyone better to lead the greedy, power hungry, trickle down, evolutionary economists than a man like Donald Trump. He is the god of stepping on the little guy, brutality over charity and doublespeak and distraction before any semblance of honesty. He has kicked his way to the top and has yet to advertise his own plan for the future, but rather likes to spend his time bashing the president and turning every silly little insignificant detail into a issue of massive national security.

If you truly believe that Trump is what this company…. sorry, country needs, then by all means, vote to give this corporate overlord all the power he needs to ensure that no one who needs help will ever get it again. Personally, I’d like to side with the guy who has to swim against the Republican torrential stream to get anything done, but has still fulfilled so many of his campaign promises. The man who created jobs for road workers, initiated energy changes, tried to help the disabled, the old and overworked single moms to get health insurance and basic living conditions and managed to still keep his sense of humor. But thats just me.


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