Traveling: Ireland

Hello All! Currently on tour with my choir in Ireland!!!! I wanted to give you an idea of where we’ve been so far and what’s happened. I’m afraid this won’t be terribly detailed as this trip involves a bunch of running around so I’ll give you the highlights so far.


Plane ride was thrilling for the first 2 minutes and unconscious for the next 7 hours. Arrived in Dublin and immediately drove to Clonmel, a small town in south Ireland where the cider drink Bulmers is brewed. Big dinner, concert the next day and drinks with the locals where a priest bought us all a drink.


Next Day, on the road again, this time to Galway, with a short stop in Limerick to get “Moody Cow” milkshakes. Stopped at a castle to see some 500 year old furniture and stones, and explored a small medieval village. Galway is apparently a wonderful party town, but we were too busy singing and running around to do any sightseeing. Fell asleep in the bath (lol) and had an early night in.



Visited Kylemore Abbey in Connamara National Park… Sang in a miniature cathedral to tourists as they surveyed the place. The Castle was quaint, but had a sordid history of possession, going from being a man’s gift to his wife (like the Taj Mahal) to a partying gambler, to a banker, to a group of Benedictine nuns. It rained for much of the trip, but we had a great time that night watching some Irish dancing, and then singing raucously for the bar patrons and dancing to the traditional music.


So far all we have done in Dublin is sing in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral (which sold merchandise in the back of the church – tut tut, sacrilegious – and where we could not find anywhere to change where someone wasn’t in the room fixing things or taking pictures), accidentally skip lunch and see the Guinness Storehouse, which I must admit was large and impressive, but made my feet hurt from all the walking. I now know more than I ever thought I would about draught stout. We navigated our way back to the rather nice arrangements on the other side of the river. Dublin is a lot smaller than it seems on a map.

I’m sorry I can’t give you the whole story… but anyways… those are the rough highlights. I’m sure many more exciting things have happened when I wasn’t around, but since I’ve been sick, I haven’t been in the mood for late night partying. Tomorrow we head to Scotland, so I’ll let you know more when I’ve lived it. Hope your summer is going well so far.


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78 Ways to Turn on Your Man

Ladies, you have been lied to. You have been told women can take control of their sexuality, that women can be powerful and strong and equal to men. Cosmo would tell you that you’ve achieved every goal for women’s rights and that you can do whatever you want.

This is a lie. Because the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed at night, all you will ever be told is that your prerogative, nay, your duty, is to serve men. Magazines, sites, books all tell you that you are not worth anything unless you can find and keep a man, and keep him happy, well fed and well sexed. Movies hardly ever involve a plot where a woman is an independent, unattached female whose life does not at some point revolve around a relationship with a man. We are told over and over again that the reason we are unhappy is that we are too fat, too skinny, too prudish, too whorish, too tall, too gangly or too flat chested. We need to work like pack horses to ever be attractive enough to COMPETE FOR A MAN.

Then, once we have said man, our obligation is to love him, pleasure him and be his cook until we make the mistake of not wearing makeup one day and he leaves us for someone else.

This may not be how you all see your lives, but don’t kid yourselves, even if you don’t believe the lies they push down your throat, you’ve all felt the twinge of envy as that guy you like goes and hits on a girl you’ve convinced yourself is in some way superior to you. You’ve all shaved your legs once… or put on makeup, or wondered if you’re getting too pudgy for men to think you attractive. And thats a damn shame. Because the people you’re competing with don’t exist. They’re not any more interesting, or attractive, or intelligent than you. We all hide behind the idea that being beautiful… and to that end… having a relationship will complete us.

Here’s the problem. MEN don’t ever think about that kind of stuff. They don’t wake up in the morning and worry about whether their face needs a little something extra, or if the clothes they are wearing make them look fat. Men’s magazines and sites may touch on “getting with a girl” but mostly they have pages and pages about things that have nothing to do with women. Sports, gadgets, photography, music, and drugs… men have a schmorgasboard of interests and activities that they are sold that have absolutely nothing to do with “pleasing their woman” or “what to wear on a first date”.

So here’s my challenge for you girls. If you’re in a relationship, seriously consider whether it’s actually making you happy, or if you’re just in one because you’re afraid of being alone. Try being yourself… no makeup, no sexy lingerie, with your man and realize that he probably still thinks you’re fucking hot.

If you’re single, or even if you’re not, take the time to do things you want to do that have nothing to do with spending time trying to be pretty or attracting male attention. Go exploring, get a new hobby, take pictures, take time to find things in yourself that you can value.

Because more than anything, doing what you love will last longer than most relationships. And being someone you can love is more beautiful than wanting to be who you wish you looked like.

Oh… and stop reading Cosmo.

Donald Trump – Class Warfare

I don’t think most people in comfortable living situations truly have any idea what an economic crisis is. They complain about having to pay more for gas, or plane tickets, or taxes because the small things are their biggest problems.

An economic crisis isn’t an inconvenience. It’s families struggling to feed their kids, thousands having to quit school to earn enough money to keep a roof over their heads, it’s living with 12 other people in a single room and whoring yourself out on the street just to get formula for your baby.

The classes have never been more disparate. The middle ground is disappearing as the rich get richer, and everyone earning less than 70,000 dollars a year is joining the ranks of those who earn less than 20,000. The charity of man is being weeded out, voted down and budget cut.

I can’t think of anyone better to lead the greedy, power hungry, trickle down, evolutionary economists than a man like Donald Trump. He is the god of stepping on the little guy, brutality over charity and doublespeak and distraction before any semblance of honesty. He has kicked his way to the top and has yet to advertise his own plan for the future, but rather likes to spend his time bashing the president and turning every silly little insignificant detail into a issue of massive national security.

If you truly believe that Trump is what this company…. sorry, country needs, then by all means, vote to give this corporate overlord all the power he needs to ensure that no one who needs help will ever get it again. Personally, I’d like to side with the guy who has to swim against the Republican torrential stream to get anything done, but has still fulfilled so many of his campaign promises. The man who created jobs for road workers, initiated energy changes, tried to help the disabled, the old and overworked single moms to get health insurance and basic living conditions and managed to still keep his sense of humor. But thats just me.