Back to the Future

I have been told that every senior in college goes through the same daunting fear, the same uncertainty and doubt and panic when faced with the prospect of going out into the real world and actually trying to get a job in the field they so foolishly chose.

Most get through this anxiety with friends, family and a clear goal of where they would like to be in the future. They know what they want for their future life, and so they can manage the dead end job, the long hours and the bad pay, because they know it’s an end to a means.

My future is one of two things: A black hole of doubt, without vision, promise or direction, or an adventure of experiences that will help me to both enjoy life and bring joy to other people’s lives.

When I graduate, the only plan I have is to (maybe) move to London. Which is like taking all the support bearings from under me consisting of friends, security, family, home and culture and throwing it out a very tall window. It could work out fine, but everything has to be built from the ground up again, all friendships, all skills and all dreams, and done alone. I could end up dead in a ditch somewhere, or I could end up marrying rich, or developing skills that make me wildly successful, or I could go to another foreign country and find something meaningful to do. The possibilities are literally limitless.

So fellow Internet readers, what would you do? With no plans, no fellow travellers and no money would you leave everything you know, and have an adventure?


I’m Back

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. The last semester of school was crazy busy. I was working part time at Walmart while going to school part time which gave me about 30 minutes of free time a day. Also not a whole lot happened except falling in love, ending a pseudo relationship, deciding to move to London, making a bunch of new friends and deciding that I’m really not all that great at music (I can just pull stuff out of my ass when I absolutely have to).

So yeah, gonna try and post regularly again. We’ll see how that works.