Dream Meet Weird Coincidence?

Had a dream last night about traveling in a car, using a fireman’s hose to try and find the burning building. My dream grandmother (who is not really MY grandmother) has died and I am in her house looking for something, but the house is dark, so I can’t see much. I make out a purple and green shape that I think at first is a very large gecko, until I realize it is her cat, dyed purple with green around the eyes. I then proceed to try and help my dream mother get over the death, which is oddly surreal due to the fact that we end up talking to my dream grandma again, but my dream mother thinks she is someone else.

Ok. Crazy dream, I know. But guess what picture comes up the next day when I looked up purple dyed cats? I have never seen it before, but there it is, clear as dreaming crazy day: My Dream grandmother holding up her purple and green cat. Weird.


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