Whatever Happened to Respect?

I saw this picture randomly on a site Stumble had sent me too, and I’m not sure why but it deeply affected me.

Now I know that there have always been satires of politicians, even before things like television and radio existed, in newspapers and posters. The idea is to encourage a subconscious stereotype with the idea of pushing a certain political agenda. But this one, in my view, took it too far. It not only disrespected the president, who has probably followed through on more of his political promises than most politicians in the history of time, but it also disrespected the great Heath Ledger, who’s acting finale and unfortunate death are not some tool to be used at the whim of a political agenda.

I know that many people are still unhappy with their lives, or health care, or whatever. And some are just racist SOBs. But in either case, nothing happens as quickly as we might like without a complete overhaul of the system. And since the president was elected by the system, for the system, it doesn’t seem pragmatic to expect him to have the ability to change the system. The president is not the Leader of the Free World, he is as much of a slave as the rest of us to those who have more money and power and influence, perhaps more so.

I know this is an empty wish, but I do think that people should never make empty claims or look at the world as half empty. Although I’m all for expressing your freedom of speech and press, I do wish people would try and see the good in people a bit more than the bad. I think it would make the whole place a bit better.


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