iOS4 – Haters gonna Hate

There’s been a lot flack recently about the new iOS4 update for the iPhone 3GS, and I’d just like to defend the system a bit by telling you what I love about it.

1. The number one thing that annoyed me most about the old iPhone software was that whenever music was playing on Pandora, or on the Internet and I wanted to play Solitaire at the same time, or check my email, the sound would shut off and the program would shut down. As such, I hardly ever used those programs for more than a couple seconds. I would check out what I needed, then go back to whatever I was doing and Pandora got barely used at all since I downloaded the app.

With the new iOS4 Multitasking I can conveniently listen to music on Pandora while surfing the web, playing several games and chatting with some friends. I can also access the music through my multitasking bar and pause or skip.

2. With Multitasking I can now more efficiently find programs that I recently accessed, especially in situations where I don’t have the time or required attention to figure out where the program’s app picture is. I simply double click, and there it is. Although I find I often need to close out programs as a sort of sweep every so often, since they keep running unless you shut them down, this feature has made my life infinitely easier and more efficient.

3. Folders: For years I have been trying to organize my Apps, but whenever I add anything new the order would shuffle, so I had almost given up hope of keeping them in a structured environment. Then the Folders upgrade came, and suddenly everything was exactly where I wanted, and easy to find. I will say that it would be better if there was a single picture for each folder instead of many mini pictures, but as for now, I like just having everything in it’s place and a place for everything. All my apps fit on my first screen.

4. Background Picture. Something I’ve wanted to be able to do for a while finally appeared on iPhone: adaptable background Home screens. We had it on MySpace, and on our own computers and even on other cell phones and now I can look at whatever pretty thing I want all the time, instead of only when my iPhone is locked.

5. Playlists and Genius. I don’t know how many times I have been out and about and wishing that I could create my own playlist, or at least find other songs in my iPod that sounded similar to the one that I was randomly listening too right now. Again, Apple read my mind and gave me exactly what I wanted.

Now: I’ve heard a lot of negative stuff about iPhone 4, which I do not own and so cannot evaluate. Admittedly there are some major hardware and software bugs to iron out, but I have to say that video chat is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time, and if your problems can be solved by buying a case, they can’t be that major of an issue.
There may be other phones and systems that have everything Apple has and more, and I’m perfectly willing to see and accept superiority, but they’ve got to work on the publicity angle. Despite the ridiculous things Apple throws at us sometimes, they always show a variety of features for their products in simple, attractive and clear ways so that the consumer not only thinks “ooh cool” but also knows what the product includes feature wise. Although I’ve heard that Android is by far a superior product, I have to admit that in watching the commercials, I’m not entirely certain how they work, what they feature and what makes them special. If I have to stare at charts that give me numbers I don’t understand saying Android is better, then I think it should be easy for the company to show that through commercials (NOT by comparison but by marketing the superiority and features of their product).

Obviously, no matter what, sides will be taken, and many are entitled to disagree with my perspective. I just wanted to say: I love my iPhone, with iOS4. Haters gonna hate.


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