I had a fun weekend at home visiting with friends, getting a free wicker chair, some new clothes and improving my mental well being. Right after getting home, I headed over to Farm and Fleet to get some nuts and bolts for my license plate and some rope for my hammock. I ended up also buying a window box full of marigolds, which are one of my favorite flowers because of their easy maintainability, bright color and beautiful smell. When in Nepal, garlands of marigolds were typical at celebrations such as weddings.

This was not entirely a successful trip, as I found out shortly after arriving back home. The nuts and bolts were much too big to fit in the tiny holes of my car, so they will have to be returned and replaced. The marigolds got planted in the window box, but I got dirt up to my elbows planting them, and so had to wash off before spending half an hour figuring out how to put the hammock up. After this, I read some of the Narnia series while eating ice pops, and then took a nap in the very relaxing swing of the hammock. I do hope I get to keep it for the summer, as the Woods can be strict on regulations, but at least I had one glorious afternoon.


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