So I had a job interview yesterday morning that I thought went really well. They sounded very excited to have me and seemed to like me a lot. After the interview, which I was early for, they shook my hand and said they would call that afternoon.

Now I know that they are all busy with building a completely new building and getting it ready to start selling by monday. And given that extremely busy situation, I can understand them not remembering to call. They seem like very nice, busy people.

I’m just not certain on a job’s policy when it comes to giving an interviewer a call back. Is an employer allowed to not contact a person and just contact those they want to hire, or is it more like a play, wherein there is a cast list posted and everyone finds out if they made the cut or not? I’m not sure if I should be waiting around for the phone to ring, assume I have the job already, or give up and try for somewhere else. What are the rules with this?


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