The Day from Hell

Now this day was in no way the worst day of my life. I’ve had days where I was sicker, busier and had more shit happen to me. This one just happened to be on the first day of finals week, in a thunderstorm, at midnight, in the rain.

The day started innocuously enough. I languorously waked from happy dreams with a slight tickle in my throat and sat up to greet the morning in song. Much to my surprise, however, I found my voice was incapable of producing anything more than a strained growl. I instantly turned from sleepy stupor to panic. My juries were tomorrow! How was I to sing in them if I had no voice?

With white-board and marker in hand, I ran over to the music building to tell my voice teacher, who sent me to the nurse’s office, which was closed for the lunch hour. I spent the waiting time stitching a pair of torn hikama pants. The nurse gave me no more information than I already had. My throat was sore… I was given ibuprofen and numbing lozenges and told it was not infected.

I ran back to the music building to check out a pair of cameras for a video shoot that evening, to turn in my peer evaluation for an Ethnomusicology and to work for an hour before my 6pm final. Even getting to my final involved driving my car back and forth between the same two parking lots over the course of ten minutes. By this time it had begun to rain lightly, causing my sandaled feet to shiver in agony.

After the final, I drove my friend to grab the cameras I had left at my apartment, changed my shoes and grabbed the 21 pizzas he had ordered from Domino’s for our aikido dinner. I had barely enough time to go over the filming schedule for the night, grab a slice of pizza and publish a website before we were all running over to the Fine Arts center with the gear, cast and props.

The filming went surprisingly well, considering my laryngitic status, the complete unfamiliarity with the ancient cameras we were using and the constant miscommunication between people. We actually managed to get most of the filming done in the time we were allotted with only a couple separately located scenes left to film. Star trek meets aikido has never been more epic. By the end of the session, I was beyond parched, exhausted and a little cranky, so I loaded the cameras into my car and headed home. The moment I exited the building, the thunder-clapped clouds began pelting down golf ball sized raindrops.

I was just getting my gear out of my car and had retrieved the cameras from the trunk when I realized I had locked my keys in the car, and myself out of my own apartment.
The next hour involved calling AAA and Security during a thunderstorm, at midnight, in the rain (in a locked and gated community) and having them let me into my apartment and my car. The walk back home left my pants soaked to the knees, my brain dead and my body too tired to care.

I hope you had a better day than I.


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