Spring Break/Jazz Tourture

When people think of the stereotypical Spring Break, it’s hanging out with friends, having a grand old time on the beach and getting wasted, am I right? Well, my 21st birthday was the first day of spring break. But did I have friends to party with or big plans? Oh no, because I had to go back to school on that Wednesday, so I spent the first half of break at home spending time with my parents… who are awesome, but are my parents… and the Internet.

I did get a car for my birthday, and most of the three days I had were spent searching for the best deal and settling on a Mazda 626 with a broken oxygen sensor. Using this car, I drove home to start the grueling jazz tour.

We had to wake up at 4 am to get on the bus, and ended up just driving to two high schools, singing like crap and then got stuck in traffic for about 3 hours. When we finally got to the hotel, we had about 30 minutes to get ready for the next performance, which actually went pretty well. It was located at a country club and had free desserts and coffee, so I was sated for an hour or so.
That night, we went to a piano bar after which the whole group partied in one of the hotel rooms and played dirty games. I ended up getting to my bed by about 3 in the morning.
The next morning we rose early to go on the next leg of the tour. This was about a 4 hour trip, during which we mostly just played Mafia. At this point, we’re all sore and tired, so we just go have pizza and then party again til 2am. I know it’s not smart, but it felt like a good idea at the time.
The final morning, we wake up early to sing and then are forced to sit through atrocious renditions of jazz standards by high school groups. There were maybe four decent groups, and we were two of them.

The trip home mostly was just all of us sleeping on the bus, then crawling home.

Now, I love singing in jazz ensemble. The people are great, the songs are fun and there’s hardly ever a dull moment, but spending 3 straight days with almost no sleep, constantly on a bus with crappy food and partying every night and singing every day is enough to cause anyone to feel like crap. This is making me think that being a pro musician may not be the greatest idea. I could never handle so much time stuck in a bus.


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