A Cappella Beat Down

On public television, there isn’t a large amount of viewers. So, to boost their numbers for one night WILL public tv organized an A Capella competition between local singing groups. There were eight groups competing for the “coveted” prize – a trophy and some studio time.
As one of two people who was certified to drive school vans, I was given the responsibility of driving 12 people an hour there and back. Now, I haven’t driven a car in a year, let alone a top heavy van filled with people, so I was understandably pretty nervous. If not for my friend Alex, I might not have made it back. But I digress.
The competition took up most of Monday night, involving a carousel of rounds and waiting and strangers and free water. There were actually a lot of cool groups there, and BluBop traveled with the Tone Rangers, who are from our school’s mens choir, so we weren’t fighting alone. As predicted, we did not win, although Tone Rangers were in first for a while on the online and phone votes.
On the way home, at 10 at night, in the dark and foggy streets of Champaign, we started to get lost. It was like traveling with 12 navigators, all yelling to turn left, or right, when you can barely see ten feet in front of you.

Imagine this... but at night.

Even when we finally found the freeway, I had no idea where the road was going. I was driving blind at 65 miles an hour while the van partied behind me. The mist completely shielded any view further than 15 feet, making me feel brief moments of panic, and occasionally convincing myself that we had driven nowhere at all, and that we would drive on this road forever, in purgatory.

Ok… so we made it home alright, although I left my phone in the van, and Safety and Secutriy had to go and grab it for me. Everyone had a chance to bond in the back seat, and I survived the night. I guess thats the best I can hope for.


One thought on “A Cappella Beat Down

  1. Glad you made it back ok. I enjoyed your performance on the beat-down very much (both groups from Millikin). I wish WILL would broadcast a whole (uninterrupted) concert of you guys.

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