Or Not…

Apparently ACDA was a shorter trip than I anticipated. I am now back home Friday evening. Nevertheless, it was a fun trip. We drove 5 hours to Cincinnati, with four of us having less than 2 hours of sleep, luckily the one driving was not one of them. When we arrived we ended up getting lost in downtown, and it took us half an hour to find a parking spot. We had lunch at Chipotle, then attended a performance of three musical groups before heading towards the workshop with Dr Holmes (the reason we were there in the first place). For all of us, it was just like another day in choir, only with complete strangers. I hope they had quite an experience with Holme’s uniquely odd teaching techniques.
After that we checked into the hotel. This involved almost getting run over by a very angry lady while we tried to save a spot in the hotel parking lot, riding escalators, elevators and discovering that simply everything in the hotel cost money, from breakfast to the Internet. So much for high quality service.
That night, after much procrastination, we had dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery, where several of the directors of our college’s choirs also ended up going. We ended up talking across the table so frequently that the staff were quite disgruntled. After dinner we headed to Starbucks and picked the directors brains about their experiences with choirs and their interests.
Upon arriving back at the hotel, we found our hotel room filled with people, so we hung out for a bit while I gave foot rubs and manicures. There was also a fair amount of running around the hotel, since Chamber Choir was staying in the same hotel as us.

The Next morning, we slept in so late, we almost didn’t have enough time to check out (but our bill was amazingly paid for) and get to the second workshop. We ran all the way to the conference. We worked on several new pieces including a beautiful wordless piece that involved all the notes of the music of the spheres. The resulting sound was so beautiful it almost made me cry.
We left the workshop an hour later and went to a cute French Bistro for lunch, where I had quiche and chocolate mousse. After that, we skedaddled back to the conference and listened to Chamber Choir and some other choral groups. Their singing was breathtakingly beautiful.
On the way home we listened to a bunch of odd music and played question games, as us music students do.

This “weekend” ended before the real one began, but it was a nice change from Millikin for a few days, without losing the real weekend. Thanks to Alison for putting up with me the whole trip and sharing a bed with me. I had a heap of fun.


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