New Tousled, Curly Hair Trick

Now in one of the many days when I decided not to give a damn, I discovered a new way to make my hair look curly and huge, I look I’ve been trying to achieve for ages but have yet to find the solution for. Although sleek hair is apparently more stylish right now, I much prefer this look.

You will need:
Volumizing Mousse
Bobby Pins
Self Confidence

1: Take a shower or wet your hair.
2: Dry it with a a towel until it looks tousled but is not yet fully dry
3: Apply mousse through hair liberally, scrunching and maintaining tousles.
4: Divide your hair into four or five sections.
5: Crumple and scrunch one section of your hair and pin it to your head so that there are no loose ends.
6: Repeat with other sections.
7: Either wear, as a strange and odd style all day, or wear to bed.
8: In the morning, unpin your hair and it will be a mass of messy, tousled curls.
9: Style as desired and strut your stuff!

Save getting a perm… this works every time even on short thin hair, and looks poofy fantastic.


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