My Bipolar Life

I am in no way insinuating that I am bipolar, or that I know what it’s like to live with those kinds of issues. Merely, my life likes to flip around on a dime from good to bad, or bad to good.
You already know about how bad this week was.
But this morning, I woke up rested, took a shower, paid attention in class, sung in choir, could breathe through my nose for the first time all week, received a check from Student Services, got 2 packages in the mail and got a free magnet from the IT guy who fixed the mail on my phone. I also now have loads of tissues and a humidifier courtesy of my mother, have eaten food today and did not feel at all nauseous and did it all looking fairly attractive in a nice blue dress with my hair done up.

Here is the issue. My life refuses to be in any way constant. There are these amazing days, where I can’t even try and feel bad because everything goes my way and these awful depressing days when everything goes wrong. Maybe it will stay good or bad for a while, but you can be certain, when it changes, it won’t be slightly. It will be a tsunami of changes all in quick succession. And as much as I love it when it’s a good change from the bad, its hard to keep up with my fortune.


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