United Humanity

There is nothing quite like the Internet to remind me of how similar we all are as a species. There is such a strong bond of fears and doubts and hopes and brokenness and love and loss. How is it that my fears are shared by millions, my most private thoughts echoed throughout the human race in perpetuity? As individuals who work so hard to separate ourselves from stereotypes, stigmas and bias, we all think remarkably similar thoughts.

We all have lost someone, whether it’s a love, a friendship, a parent, teacher, family member or acquaintance.

We understand in varying degrees the cost of our lives, the pain we must go through, the fragility and impermanence of every second.

While we are here, we hope for the future, loving knowing it may end, taking risks knowing that there may be no reward, and holding on for dear life to the things we can’t bear to lose.

We cry over the same pains, laugh at the same jokes, find kittens universally cute and every so often, realize

How beautiful and wonderful life really is.


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