Wigs And Vigs

Actually, I have no idea whether or not a vig is anything at all. Let us say it’s a fun hour of shopping at thrift stores after a highly productive day of classes. Which is basically what I did today. I also bought a 20 dollar wig from U top which looks almost believably like it’s my own hair, except that it’s huge and curly. This is my acclimation to the concept of having curly hair through getting a perm, which I may do in the next couple of months when my hair is a more appropriate length. I also bought a dress for the MUCC ball, which I will hopefully be going to this friday. I have not decided yet if I will wear the wig as well, but since it makes me happier than my own hair, I find it highly likely.
Happy Vigging!


2 thoughts on “Wigs And Vigs

  1. I’m going to coat-tail on what “Very Evolved” said… The way you connect to your audience is… Know who you are writing to. You need to pick a Target Audience and stick to them. You wouldn’t write to an audience of 14yr olds the same way you would write to an audience of 60yr olds.

  2. I actually have never thought about my audience, but I would assume that it’s people between the ages of whoever cares. If 60 year olds are interested, let them be. If 14 year olds, the same. The only market I’m trying to write towards is my own: Slightly a-typical teen-college age kids who have a lot of fun, loads of issues and are easily amused (as I am) by things like wigs, tattoos, and random Internet gleanings. College kids can be philosophical and intelligent people too, you know.

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