Tattoo Virgin

If i can convince my friend to concentrate and do it, today I am getting my first tattoo. Not a professional piece of skin art, but a needle tattoo done by a fairly experienced artist. Although I am somewhat apprehensive, this is something I’ve been working towards for a while, and I have several other designs that I’d like to have done in the future. This is just the first step, breaking the skin for the first time. after today I am a tattoo virgin no more.

Here it is. A bit cliche, I know but I like it.

I was going to have a friend draw it, but we kept on having to erase it so I drew the design on my skin myself. Hurt like a bitch, but I distracted myself til I could almost not feel a thing, except for deep punctures to nerves. I thought (for no reason I can fathom) of a beautiful man who looked vaguely like David Tennant waiting for me on a rock in the ocean surrounded by a storm of waves. This sounds odd, I know, but it helped me think of other things than the stabbing pain.


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