Losing Sylvia

The past couple of days have been a roller-coaster of doubts, worries and issues, but all that is finally over.
For school this year I decided that instead of investing in heavy, bulky books I would buy the digital versions of all of my textbooks at coursesmart.com . This option was both cheaper, more efficient and would put less strain on my back walking to classes every day. The one eventuality I did not expect hit me the first day of classes. I had just downloaded a software update and was letting my computer, Sylvia, restart so I left it for a couple minutes and came back to it. The screen was black. I pressed the power button… nothing happened. I pressed it again and nine loud short short long high pitched beeps emitted from the computer. Although the computer began to heat up, the screen remained blank. This was about 5 minutes before my first class of the day, so I just pick it up and put it in my bag, hoping it will maybe fix itself.
After my first class, and no more luck, I call Apple and they say to ship it out to them (4-6 days of service time). At this point I’m wondering how many professors would consider this to be a viable excuse for why I have nothing to show for the first week of classes. So I ship it out to them (on the second try since FedEx arrived too early the first time), and leave for the weekend to go on choir tour. At this point the only access to my life is through my iPhone, that needs to be charged about twice a day. I can still get emails, texts, AIM and Facebook, but my textbooks refuse to be accessed.
Apple sends me an email on Saturday that the repair is done and they are shipping it back, far sooner than I ever expected. I arrive home to find my apartment complex office closed, and no way to get my computer before my 9am class.
All seemed to work out… my class canceled the homework, and I was able to do the rest of my work on library computers, but nothing is quite like being able to type these words with Sylvia, and have my own lifeline and information back again.


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