Starbucks Dating Sites (Locations)

I know that restaurants already take advantage of speed dating, and having connections to online dating by advertising their locations, but imagine taking the next step. What if location no longer became an issue in dating and getting to know someone. What if you could meet, date and get to know someone entirely online?

My vision for the future is this… Video dating live in coffee shops. Create your profile using match software, find your matches and either set up a date with someone you like, or with someone currently online. Instead of having to go where the other person is, simply set up a time, visit your local Internet dating café, and log on to the chat booth and have a coffee with them no matter where in the world they might be. You could also simply visit the coffee shop and see who you might meet. There could even be world-wide speed dating nights, or games you can play with your date. You could even have coffee (or dinner) in Florida with your family in Michigan. The application is a logical, reasonable step for future technology

This Statement is Copyright 2009 to Paper Dandelion Inc, owned and operated by Claire LeMaster. You steal my idea, I hunt you down and sue you.


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