Choir Tour

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been traveling around the Midwest in the annual migration of vocalists known as choir tour. Although there is nothing quite like sitting on a bus with 50 other people for hours every day, eating fast food and drinking crappy coffee and working hard just to stay upright and in tune every night, I have to say that I love singing with U choir, and will be sorry when I eventually have to leave. It is the only class I have never skipped for even legitimate reasons save two occasions where i was incapable of standing. Although every bone and muscle hurts, and I have spent every day either getting to know perfect strangers who are letting me sleep in their house, or staying in the Days Inn next to Eye Mart and Stephanie’s Cabaret, it was nice to record with my friends, and share music with so many high school kids and church goers.

Yay Choir Tour. I have never been so ready to go to bed.


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