Twilight Mania… Psychosis?

Now I know this subject has been talked to death on both sides. “But I love Edward, you’re just jealous”, “No really, you’re being stupid and unrealistic” etc…

However, what I would like to discuss today is an in depth view of Twilight fanaticism as a verifiable mental disorder.

Mental Disorders are usually defined as aberrant behavior that causes distress in the individual or those around them. This is clearly demonstrated time and again by the depression of many Twilight fans over a life devoid of a true Edward and the distress of those attempting to rationally respond to this irrational behavior.

Some people would refer to this behavior as neurotically obsessive, and in most cases this seems true. Many fans have posters, films, books and lunch boxes of the Twilight characters, which falls under fairly average consumer obsession. However there are many more young girls with psychotic symptoms than those which would be expected in normal fan obsession. Twilight fans seem to live in a fictional universe where the characters from a book are perceived as real human beings, the actors who play them in the movies merely vessels for the “actual” characters. They immerse themselves in this “perfect” idealistic universe, expect their boyfriends to catch hypothermia in order to be more “vampiric”, refuse to consider relationships with real boys, and end friendships over divided loyalties for fictional rivalries.

Schizophrenia: an insidious and gradual reduction in external relations and interests. The patient’s emotions lack depth, and ideation is simple and refers to concrete things. There are a relative absence of mental activity, a progressive lessening in the use of inner resources, and a retreat to simpler or stereotyped forms of behavior.
2. The hebephrenic or disorganized type of schizophrenic displays shallow and inappropriate emotional responses, foolish or bizarre behavior, false beliefs (delusions), and false perceptions (hallucinations).

It seems clear to me at this point that overly obsessed Twilight fans are more than just a little fanatic. They are psychotic, delusional and incapable of accepting reality for what it is. They create unrealistic expectations for everyone around them and respond, sometimes even violently, to any contradiction to their perfect universe.

This mental disorder needs to be identified for what it is and treated accordingly. The madness has gone on long enough.


2 thoughts on “Twilight Mania… Psychosis?

  1. Its sad. Luckily this fad is dying out now. But last year i read a story about a non-Twilight fan being attacked, beaten and ridiculed. Its crazy! Im 28 and am into far more advanced novels. But i dont pass judgment on the actual books or movies. Just the insanity its created. I mean, nobody should ever get harrassed over a book.

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