Losing Everyone Else

16 seniors from my choir are leaving to student teach this semester, including my good friend and tour roommate Julie, Christel, who has been there for me even when I didn’t know I needed her, and Andrew, who has kept me on my toes, entertained, and aware of how dearly loved I am for 2 1/2 years.
I know I can’t always show it, but I miss you guys terribly already. The family won’t be the same without you.


Losing Sylvia

The past couple of days have been a roller-coaster of doubts, worries and issues, but all that is finally over.
For school this year I decided that instead of investing in heavy, bulky books I would buy the digital versions of all of my textbooks at coursesmart.com . This option was both cheaper, more efficient and would put less strain on my back walking to classes every day. The one eventuality I did not expect hit me the first day of classes. I had just downloaded a software update and was letting my computer, Sylvia, restart so I left it for a couple minutes and came back to it. The screen was black. I pressed the power button… nothing happened. I pressed it again and nine loud short short long high pitched beeps emitted from the computer. Although the computer began to heat up, the screen remained blank. This was about 5 minutes before my first class of the day, so I just pick it up and put it in my bag, hoping it will maybe fix itself.
After my first class, and no more luck, I call Apple and they say to ship it out to them (4-6 days of service time). At this point I’m wondering how many professors would consider this to be a viable excuse for why I have nothing to show for the first week of classes. So I ship it out to them (on the second try since FedEx arrived too early the first time), and leave for the weekend to go on choir tour. At this point the only access to my life is through my iPhone, that needs to be charged about twice a day. I can still get emails, texts, AIM and Facebook, but my textbooks refuse to be accessed.
Apple sends me an email on Saturday that the repair is done and they are shipping it back, far sooner than I ever expected. I arrive home to find my apartment complex office closed, and no way to get my computer before my 9am class.
All seemed to work out… my class canceled the homework, and I was able to do the rest of my work on library computers, but nothing is quite like being able to type these words with Sylvia, and have my own lifeline and information back again.

Starbucks Dating Sites (Locations)

I know that restaurants already take advantage of speed dating, and having connections to online dating by advertising their locations, but imagine taking the next step. What if location no longer became an issue in dating and getting to know someone. What if you could meet, date and get to know someone entirely online?

My vision for the future is this… Video dating live in coffee shops. Create your profile using match software, find your matches and either set up a date with someone you like, or with someone currently online. Instead of having to go where the other person is, simply set up a time, visit your local Internet dating cafĂ©, and log on to the chat booth and have a coffee with them no matter where in the world they might be. You could also simply visit the coffee shop and see who you might meet. There could even be world-wide speed dating nights, or games you can play with your date. You could even have coffee (or dinner) in Florida with your family in Michigan. The application is a logical, reasonable step for future technology

This Statement is Copyright 2009 to Paper Dandelion Inc, owned and operated by Claire LeMaster. You steal my idea, I hunt you down and sue you.

Choir Tour

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been traveling around the Midwest in the annual migration of vocalists known as choir tour. Although there is nothing quite like sitting on a bus with 50 other people for hours every day, eating fast food and drinking crappy coffee and working hard just to stay upright and in tune every night, I have to say that I love singing with U choir, and will be sorry when I eventually have to leave. It is the only class I have never skipped for even legitimate reasons save two occasions where i was incapable of standing. Although every bone and muscle hurts, and I have spent every day either getting to know perfect strangers who are letting me sleep in their house, or staying in the Days Inn next to Eye Mart and Stephanie’s Cabaret, it was nice to record with my friends, and share music with so many high school kids and church goers.

Yay Choir Tour. I have never been so ready to go to bed.

Twilight Mania… Psychosis?

Now I know this subject has been talked to death on both sides. “But I love Edward, you’re just jealous”, “No really, you’re being stupid and unrealistic” etc…

However, what I would like to discuss today is an in depth view of Twilight fanaticism as a verifiable mental disorder.

Mental Disorders are usually defined as aberrant behavior that causes distress in the individual or those around them. This is clearly demonstrated time and again by the depression of many Twilight fans over a life devoid of a true Edward and the distress of those attempting to rationally respond to this irrational behavior.

Some people would refer to this behavior as neurotically obsessive, and in most cases this seems true. Many fans have posters, films, books and lunch boxes of the Twilight characters, which falls under fairly average consumer obsession. However there are many more young girls with psychotic symptoms than those which would be expected in normal fan obsession. Twilight fans seem to live in a fictional universe where the characters from a book are perceived as real human beings, the actors who play them in the movies merely vessels for the “actual” characters. They immerse themselves in this “perfect” idealistic universe, expect their boyfriends to catch hypothermia in order to be more “vampiric”, refuse to consider relationships with real boys, and end friendships over divided loyalties for fictional rivalries.

Schizophrenia: an insidious and gradual reduction in external relations and interests. The patient’s emotions lack depth, and ideation is simple and refers to concrete things. There are a relative absence of mental activity, a progressive lessening in the use of inner resources, and a retreat to simpler or stereotyped forms of behavior.
2. The hebephrenic or disorganized type of schizophrenic displays shallow and inappropriate emotional responses, foolish or bizarre behavior, false beliefs (delusions), and false perceptions (hallucinations).

It seems clear to me at this point that overly obsessed Twilight fans are more than just a little fanatic. They are psychotic, delusional and incapable of accepting reality for what it is. They create unrealistic expectations for everyone around them and respond, sometimes even violently, to any contradiction to their perfect universe.

This mental disorder needs to be identified for what it is and treated accordingly. The madness has gone on long enough.