Pop Music’s Perpetuation of the Degraded Female Stereotype or The Problem with Katy Perry

Ever since I started going to college parties, I’ve been bombarded with the same old popular songs again and again. Whether it’s Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus or Beyoncé, they all have catchy empty songs that blatantly perpetuate the stereotype that women should all try and be sexy, alluring, perfect objects so that they can find a man and either sell themselves for money or get married, preferably both. Beyoncé’s “Single ladies” is about getting an engagement ring, Katy Perry uses stereotypes throughout all of her songs, from “One of the Boys”, which gives the picture of the ideal woman and the desire to be a sexual object, to “If You Can Afford Me” which screams at girls that they are possessions, or that at least they should marry rich. Even the music videos sell the idea that these women are sex objects (see any Lady Gaga or Beyoncé), or brides to be (Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies, Katy Perry’s “Hot n’ Cold”).

Now I’m not saying that I don’t relate to what these women sing about. I want someone who I can care about and someone who will love me. I have developed the desire to be desired, even perceived as a sex goddess. I only doubt that this is something I’ve always wanted, or that such a desire and parallels to these songs in my own life is in any way healthy. It is possible that the only reason I realize the full aspect of this is because I moved to this country so late in life. Every girl wants to be liked and accepted by her peers and I lacked something in that degree. I only found out what it was when I came to America and they taught me that I was too fat, or too tall, or too weird or too confident. They cut me down to size and began to mold my mind into one that was filled with doubts and confusion and eventually acceptance. See, there is no way to escape such a fully immersive experience as living in America. Even without cable television, or much access to the Internet, the message bleeds through.

It’s not that I think anything will change. Most people are fully accepting and aware of the issue. I just hope people will understand a little better when I tell them that if I have children, I’d rather raise them in a different country. America may be the front runners of reality TV… but all I can see are the fake noses, doctored billboards, teen magazines and naked pop stars.


13 thoughts on “Pop Music’s Perpetuation of the Degraded Female Stereotype or The Problem with Katy Perry

  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I think your overall ideas are fine but you might want to put a little more thought into your next posts. I say this becuase it seems like your writing style has gone downhill a bit as opposed to your previous posts. – C.

  2. I apologize for any shallowness in my posts. Most are written in the 10 minutes of free time I have a day, and therefore are mostly written in a stream of consciousness. My previous posts you reference were written during winter vacation, and therefore went through extensive editing with much thought, since I had little else to do. Thank you all for your kind words.

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