A very Indian Christmas

So we spent most of the evening today decorating cookies with some charming African refugees who speak very little English, but make very colorful sugar Christmas trees and stars. That and making the marzipan for the British fruitcake made me realize that as fun as traditions can be, theres nothing like mixing it up a little and having some fun. So I’m going to see if our family can have Indian food for Christmas dinner. Not that we’re pulling out all the stops, or anything, but I thought it would be nice to have a home cooked Indian meal with the family for Christmas. Even though we’re not Indian, my family spent at least ten years eating dahl baht and saag, so why not commemorate it on the greatest day of the year? Still going to have to see if we have the resources, time and inclination to really pull this one off, but hopefully it will be naan, aloo gobi and lupsi achar this Christmas! Happy Holidays Folks.


2 thoughts on “A very Indian Christmas

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