Two Weddings and A Funeral

I’m not sure what it is about the weekend before Christmas that makes people wanna get hitched. Probably all the relatives in town, and the sales.

After waking up in the dark on Friday evening, and finally getting my brain to wake up before 2pm by Saturday, my parents invited me to two weddings on the same day. Earlier that day my mother had already attended a funeral for a leader of her bible study group, so the day already was packed with wearing your nice clothes and sitting through emotional official gatherings.

The first wedding was between two friends of my father who I had never met before. She wore this beautiful dress and crystals hanging over her face and she looked like a Nubian princess. The sound system may not have been great (switching CDs manually), and the pastor said “Praise Jesus” a lot, but the food smelled delicious, the bride and groom seemed happy and everyone was just having a good time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the reception, because we had another wedding to go to, this one for Lisa, a friend of mine from my parents’ church.

The second ceremony was beautiful and understated, with an almost medieval custom made wedding dress and a beautiful sand ceremony involving Lisa’s son. There were also little jingle bells we got to ring when they walked down the isle together. The reception was great fun because I got to eat my weight in cake and dance with my friend Anja, who I haven’t seen in a couple years (since she has been in the Air Force in Texas and I have been in college in Illinois). We pretty much tore up the floor with our Macarena.

I’m glad I got to be part of so much celebration of life today, but I’m still kinda bummed that the only places it’s acceptable to dance well at are weddings and junior high dances. I don’t get a whole lot of those any more. Though I’m beginning to suspect that the older I get, the more of my friends will probably get married… So that gives me a solid 10 years or so of free cake, dancing and warm fuzzies, to help me feel better about how I will continue to live my life as a decreasingly sexy spinster.


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