Vespers is Over (Halleluia!)

It might not be the most horrible experience of my life, and I love standing there and singing. I love being part of something big and working with friends and making a difference in people’s lives. However I don’t like standing completely still for 4 hours a day while your shoulders, back, legs and feet are screaming in agonizing pain. I don’t like being up so high in a precarious position so that any trip or fall could land you, or anyone in front of you in the obituaries. I also don’t like feeling so woozy that I have to sit down in the middle of the concert and feel like I am obligated to stand up again when I have to sing, no matter how it hurts.
So as for me, as much as I love singing Christmas songs and will miss my friends who are leaving next semester, I am ecstatic that VESPERS IS OVER!!!
Screw Peace on Earth… I want a hot chocolate and a three hour massage.


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