Big Dead Bird Day

It still amazes me that Americans have come up with a holiday entirely devoted to the act of stuffing your face. Not that Halloween, Christmas, the Forth of July or Tuesdays are any different…
I think the main problem I have with the holiday is not the premise, because I find it hard not to appreciate being thankful for things and appreciating what you have. It’s also great to get friends and family to sit down at the dinner table and actually feel like they should talk for once.
Honestly, what I hate about Thanksgiving is the complete lack of gift giving. Now this may make me sound selfish, but I’m a Christmas kinda girl. I love caroling, and snowmen and stockings and Santa and the feeling you get around Christmas. Sort of bubbly and and warm, like a mug of hot apple cider. And Thankgiving, for all the days off of school and turkey and family, doesn’t involve tearing wrapping paper, or sitting under a tree, or the excitement of the night before.
I also have a teensy problem with a holiday that was celebrated right before those involved decided to massacre the others involved, but as my friends have pointed out to me, most holidays are based on some kind of death or overhaul of someone or another. Hell, Easter, July 4th, Guy Fawkes Day, Halloween, Cinco De Mayo, Martin Luthor King Day and yes, even Christmas are all surrounded by death.
The only holiday I know of that is completely devoid of death is Boxing Day, which despite it’s violent sounding title got it’s roots from nobles giving presents to the less fortunate after Christmas was over. That to me is the epitome of giving thanks, by truly showing your thankfulness, and not just saying it around the dinner table. And look, GIFTS!


One thought on “Big Dead Bird Day

  1. Not to be too contradictory, but in fact, on this day there are numerous folks around the country offering community meals, and many others inviting folks into their homes to share a meal and offer hospitality. Sometimes one can participate in this pretty easily, if one is willing to. It may be a bit risky at times, but infinitely worth it. I totally agree that they premise of a day supposedly dedicated to Thanksgiving to the Creator for his many gifts to us can be hi-jacked by personal selfishness (and followed by the bane of all true neighborliness…Black Friday!). Remember too, though, that the very act of preparing a meal together is an act of giving…which those of us who are still blogging can participate if we will stop it and go help Mom get the meal ready!

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