Home for the Holidays

Not exactly the happy holidays I'm expecting...

So here I am at home, the only place I have a car all year, and no where to drive to. Since all my friends back home have inordinately decided I am no longer worth their “ever so precious” time, I am stuck with 7 days of my silent brother, my grandmother and my parents. It needs not be said that this will not be Party Town, USA. The one consolation I have is that yesterday I got to see a friend of mine in Saint Louis, and despite the long drive, I had a fantastic time at the radio station where he works. The walls are covered by the most fantastic crazy graffiti and art, and I think I might use a fair amount of it for my music video, or even make it entirely out of pictures. My teacher told me I should be coordinating with my partner on this project, but it’s hard when i only have a week, and it’s away from school.
Either way, home for the holidays, although involving turkey and family, is predicted to have a lot more consternation and boredom than things to be thankful for.


One thought on “Home for the Holidays

  1. As one of the ‘rents’ involved in this story, let me just say how wonderful it is to have you around us more this Thanksgiving. Sorry we are such a boring lot, though. I am appreciating your tutelage on blogging. My own one is getting interesting (for anyone who’s interested in intentional Christian communities see http://thenewcommunity.wordpress.com). Note to all that we were planning to sell the homestead and move into town…but have held back on that so certain people would have a place to come ‘home’ to, at the holidays etc. Just let us know if that’s still important.

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