The Question of Ownership

In todays day and age, with all the software, music, videos and pictures you could ever want just a click or two away, the question of ownership becomes one fought by large companies with expensive lawyers against groups like Pirate Bay, or other such torrent sites in order to attempt to make some difference in the community. However, I must assume that they know that however many lawsuits they bring down on people’s heads, now that the Internet gives free information person to person, nothing else can be prevented.

The current “hip” anti-piracy commercial – does it truly represent what the new generation of Internet users believe? Or would we steal a car?

It’s not like our fathers and mothers didn’t share records with friends, or make tape recordings, but the ease with which I can find an expensive piece of software or a newly released movie and own it is only possible through that swinging door called torrenting. Back in “the day” (whenever that was) such actions would have to be done physically, shoplifting from a store and trying to get away with it.

I wonder then, if the sense of morality in ownership has changed in the most recent generation. If I would justify taking someone’s film then why not candy from the college store (they make me pay too much anyways, and my college tuition is exorbitant and never pays for what I want it to – not like it’ll make that big of a difference to them… etc.)? Is there any sense of ownership I can’t justify after that: stealing a car, or someone’s wallet, or millions of dollars from a bank? Especially with movies telling us of the glamorous lifestyle of thieves, and no one of note promoting the rights of overpaid business men.


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