Morning Sickness

No, I’m not pregnant. I just woke up this morning with a killer pain in my throat, lockjaw and a severe case of the sniffles. I have a feeling they could all be related, but since I am probably sick, I have decided to use any and all means necessary to try and cure myself.

1. DayQuil (2 tablets)

2. Vitamins

3. ThroatCoat herbal tea

4. Airborne

5. Cough Drops

6. Inhaler

7. Nasal Spray

8. Tissues

9. As much water and rest as possible

I am still planning on going and “performing” at the choir concert today, as well as attending recital before heading over to the clinic for a checkup. So I better get well-er in the next hour.


One thought on “Morning Sickness

  1. So my fever of 101.8 has finally gone down to a manageable 98 degrees, although this may be mostly due to the medication. All thats left to do this week is go to two classes, check out my camera, pack, and go home.

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