How I made a ribbon bulletin board from bits around the house…

I had this old cork board I wasn’t using and decided that I wanted to turn it into a ribbon bulletin board.

So i de-constructed the board, taking off the frame and saving all the picture nails for later.

I grabbed some old lace curtains and a ripped up twenties silk dress and cut the dress and the curtains so they would be a rectangular shape large enough to cover the cork board. I put the lace over the silk for texture and effect.

I then banged the nails from the frame into the sides of the board to keep the fabric smoothly attached.

I admit, then i went out and bought 30 blue buttons and two reels of brown ribbon.

I laid the ribbon out in a crisscross pattern and pinned it in place using push pins and sewing needles.

I sewed on each button individually, at the meeting of each piece of ribbon, at the X of each diamond pattern.

The ribbons stayed attached by push pins for about two weeks, and then I found a piece of cardboard large enough to glue onto the back of the board.


Thus was born my first attempt at making a ribbon board from almost nothing but what I already had lying around the house. It’s been holding pictures of friends, family and postcards ever since.


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