A New Take on Old School Curly Hair

On a lighter note, I have discovered that old methods really are the best when it comes to maintaining curl for thin, limp hair.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Toilet Paper, Mousse, Water, Bobby Pins, Hair Spray
MIGHT NEED: Bandanna, Curling Iron

Step One: The night before you want the curly hair, wet your hair thoroughly and quickly towel dry it (leave it mostly wet).

Step Two: put some mousse in your hair so that it will maintain the curl for the rest of the day. Brush out your hair.

Step 3: Take a section one or two fingers thick and take 2-3 squares of toilet paper. Fold the toilet paper in half, and pinch at the middle, causing a slight bow shape. (you may need more paper if you have longer hair)

Step 4: Place the toilet paper at the bottom of the section of hair and roll up to your scalp. Secure with a bobby pin.

Repeat Steps 3-4 until all hair is secured

Step 5: Spray your entire head with some hair spray.

Step 6: Sleep (you may want to cover your head in a bandanna or scarf so that nothing falls out while you sleep)

Step 7: In the morning, carefully remove the toilet paper and bobby pins, and spray curls with hairspray. You may want to fix some pieces that did not maintain their curl in the night with a curling iron.

TADA! Curly Hair, that looks natural and will maintain for the whole day!


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