SSC Craziness in Gigantic lists

Tomorrow may well be the busiest day of my life.


Designed by yours truly

Someone decided it was a good idea to put me in charge of a committee, organizing every facet of the annual singer song writer competition, hosted by the song writers guild, which I am VP of, and my music fraternity.
The job involves making posters, setting dates, getting food organized, getting people organized, arranging and purchasing prizes, getting rule sheets and scoring sheets made and copied and coordinating with everyone involved, from judges to contestants to sound crew.

This would be far easier if my email had been working for the past 4 days. Instead, I only receive an error message when attempting to log in from my computer. I have also lost the cable that connects my PDA to my computer, so every event I add or to do I must do is not being in any way coordinated, even with myself.

Somehow in the next 12 hours I need to print out 3 copies of each lyrics sheet, email the sound crew to tell them what and when to set up, cook pasta and sauce for the judges, make sure i have the prizes, contact the fraternity treasurer to make sure we can afford the grand prize, set up the sound for the show, make sure the musicians are ready for the show, make sure recording engineers, sound crew and my band are all ready, warmed up and adequately prepared, and survive the minimal hour it will take to actually do the event.

All this on six hours of sleep, with issues like boy drama, roommate drama, future homework, practicing for my lesson on Thursday, practicing for my kyu test sometime in the indeterminate future, staying clean, looking presentable and being able to remember the words to my own songs, still rattling around aimlessly in my mind.

Where the hell do I find the room in my brain for all of this information?


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