Whats in a name?

On the recent subject of balance, I’d like to give a short explanation of the name “paper dandelion”.
Dandelions are one of the most resilient flowers in the world. They have developed a superior seed distribution system, strong stalks and deep roots that are nearly impossible to remove. Yet there is a fragility to their shape, where a puff of wind can dispel all the seeds in an instant. In a similar vein, paper is considered a fairly fragile, malleable and tear-able, yet it can give extremely painful cuts, or become quite strong if packed as many sheets together.
I feel a certain kinship with these fragile strengths, as I’m sure we all do, and I cannot think of a better representation of strength and simultaneous fragility. It is what defines the frailty and flaws of humanity amidst all our accomplishments and powerful posturing. And I can’t think of anything more beautiful.


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