What goes down must go up?

It’s interesting how much life can seem in a strange sort of balance from day to day. For your interest, yesterday was a fairly bad day. My alarm clock did not go off, so I slept through my first two classes, both favorites of mine, then went to class unprepared for the class and with none of the homework completed. I then changed three times to go from class to aikido to a fraternity event, where a pitcher of piña colada mix fell out of the freezer and all over the floor and myself. I then spent the evening cleaning my floor, myself, and attempting to entertain the five girls who decided to show.
Although this was in no way the worst day of my life, I found myself consistently exhausted, with a poor self image and a complete lack of motivation.

Upon waking the next day, and forcing myself to go to spar with some medieval fighters, I found on the walk over that the air was warm and the wind was soft and the sun shining bright (this being NOVEMBER). Sparring was both challenging and captivating, and I spent a lot of time learning a new fighting style and refining my own. I then went to a Diwali party, had Indian food, aikido class, then got a beautiful henna design done on my arm. This design proceeded to be worn off the moment I moshed with my friends at the Mathletes concert, but I spent the time teaching my friend Alex to dance (he has made me promise to tell anyone who asks that he cannot dance, no matter how his feet may move to the beat). The day ended with poker, spiritual and philosophical discussions and hanging out with friends.
I cannot understand how quickly a negative can flip to a positive and I wonder the reasons why. Is it more sleep? A clean room? More exercise? The Weekend Factor? Or something else? For the first time I found that today I could convince myself to do a kuro geshi roll, something that has been stumping me for months. Where does the confidence and balance come from, after all this chaos?


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