Music Vid

Not my videos, but the software I used

So I have finally returned to my place of learning to finish off the school year and sing in Vespers. I have finished editing my music video, with all the stop motion, fun and trimmings. If I had more time i think i would have had more fun with the “do do do” sections, but as it is, I’m reasonably happy with the final result. A big thanks to my parents for helping me have actors to be people in my film, and for being as beautifully attractively photogenic as I am not. Crossing my fingers that I will survive this next week (Vespers Week), with 3-4hour rehearsals every night.


Kate Nash and a Day at Arrow Rock

So I finally got done with shooting most of the scenes for my Music Video of the Kate Nash song “Merry Happy”. Unfortunately, since I have no friends left in the greater Columbia area (where I was all week), I had to use my parents as the main characters. This was a little weird, as the song is obviously about a flighty young couple. However, I did get to spend the whole day with my parents and my grandma over at Arrow Rock, which was a lot of fun. I had homemade ice cream and root beer, and sang Christmas Carol and got to embarrass my parents. There was also a really cool bagpiper who played some awesome tunes while Santa (who arrived in a firetruck) handed out candy. All in all a productive, fun filled day.

Big Dead Bird Day

It still amazes me that Americans have come up with a holiday entirely devoted to the act of stuffing your face. Not that Halloween, Christmas, the Forth of July or Tuesdays are any different…
I think the main problem I have with the holiday is not the premise, because I find it hard not to appreciate being thankful for things and appreciating what you have. It’s also great to get friends and family to sit down at the dinner table and actually feel like they should talk for once.
Honestly, what I hate about Thanksgiving is the complete lack of gift giving. Now this may make me sound selfish, but I’m a Christmas kinda girl. I love caroling, and snowmen and stockings and Santa and the feeling you get around Christmas. Sort of bubbly and and warm, like a mug of hot apple cider. And Thankgiving, for all the days off of school and turkey and family, doesn’t involve tearing wrapping paper, or sitting under a tree, or the excitement of the night before.
I also have a teensy problem with a holiday that was celebrated right before those involved decided to massacre the others involved, but as my friends have pointed out to me, most holidays are based on some kind of death or overhaul of someone or another. Hell, Easter, July 4th, Guy Fawkes Day, Halloween, Cinco De Mayo, Martin Luthor King Day and yes, even Christmas are all surrounded by death.
The only holiday I know of that is completely devoid of death is Boxing Day, which despite it’s violent sounding title got it’s roots from nobles giving presents to the less fortunate after Christmas was over. That to me is the epitome of giving thanks, by truly showing your thankfulness, and not just saying it around the dinner table. And look, GIFTS!

Home for the Holidays

Not exactly the happy holidays I'm expecting...

So here I am at home, the only place I have a car all year, and no where to drive to. Since all my friends back home have inordinately decided I am no longer worth their “ever so precious” time, I am stuck with 7 days of my silent brother, my grandmother and my parents. It needs not be said that this will not be Party Town, USA. The one consolation I have is that yesterday I got to see a friend of mine in Saint Louis, and despite the long drive, I had a fantastic time at the radio station where he works. The walls are covered by the most fantastic crazy graffiti and art, and I think I might use a fair amount of it for my music video, or even make it entirely out of pictures. My teacher told me I should be coordinating with my partner on this project, but it’s hard when i only have a week, and it’s away from school.
Either way, home for the holidays, although involving turkey and family, is predicted to have a lot more consternation and boredom than things to be thankful for.

Morning Sickness

No, I’m not pregnant. I just woke up this morning with a killer pain in my throat, lockjaw and a severe case of the sniffles. I have a feeling they could all be related, but since I am probably sick, I have decided to use any and all means necessary to try and cure myself.

1. DayQuil (2 tablets)

2. Vitamins

3. ThroatCoat herbal tea

4. Airborne

5. Cough Drops

6. Inhaler

7. Nasal Spray

8. Tissues

9. As much water and rest as possible

I am still planning on going and “performing” at the choir concert today, as well as attending recital before heading over to the clinic for a checkup. So I better get well-er in the next hour.

How I made a ribbon bulletin board from bits around the house…

I had this old cork board I wasn’t using and decided that I wanted to turn it into a ribbon bulletin board.

So i de-constructed the board, taking off the frame and saving all the picture nails for later.

I grabbed some old lace curtains and a ripped up twenties silk dress and cut the dress and the curtains so they would be a rectangular shape large enough to cover the cork board. I put the lace over the silk for texture and effect.

I then banged the nails from the frame into the sides of the board to keep the fabric smoothly attached.

I admit, then i went out and bought 30 blue buttons and two reels of brown ribbon.

I laid the ribbon out in a crisscross pattern and pinned it in place using push pins and sewing needles.

I sewed on each button individually, at the meeting of each piece of ribbon, at the X of each diamond pattern.

The ribbons stayed attached by push pins for about two weeks, and then I found a piece of cardboard large enough to glue onto the back of the board.


Thus was born my first attempt at making a ribbon board from almost nothing but what I already had lying around the house. It’s been holding pictures of friends, family and postcards ever since.

The Question of Ownership

In todays day and age, with all the software, music, videos and pictures you could ever want just a click or two away, the question of ownership becomes one fought by large companies with expensive lawyers against groups like Pirate Bay, or other such torrent sites in order to attempt to make some difference in the community. However, I must assume that they know that however many lawsuits they bring down on people’s heads, now that the Internet gives free information person to person, nothing else can be prevented.

The current “hip” anti-piracy commercial – does it truly represent what the new generation of Internet users believe? Or would we steal a car?

It’s not like our fathers and mothers didn’t share records with friends, or make tape recordings, but the ease with which I can find an expensive piece of software or a newly released movie and own it is only possible through that swinging door called torrenting. Back in “the day” (whenever that was) such actions would have to be done physically, shoplifting from a store and trying to get away with it.

I wonder then, if the sense of morality in ownership has changed in the most recent generation. If I would justify taking someone’s film then why not candy from the college store (they make me pay too much anyways, and my college tuition is exorbitant and never pays for what I want it to – not like it’ll make that big of a difference to them… etc.)? Is there any sense of ownership I can’t justify after that: stealing a car, or someone’s wallet, or millions of dollars from a bank? Especially with movies telling us of the glamorous lifestyle of thieves, and no one of note promoting the rights of overpaid business men.