With Regrets

I think most of us try and live our lives without regrets, but recently, I’m finding that harder and harder to do. I regret waiting too long to get things done, not doing taking initiative, or making a decision too rashly and having it end out badly. Mostly I’m tired of my life being an endless line of excuses. “I forgot, I’m sorry” or some other completely asinine, albeit often true, excuse is my main mode of communication these days. I just want to know when it will stop.


Now on YouTube

Songs for Sudoku’s coffee shop show is now on youtube! Check it out.

If links don’t work, just search for “song’s for sudoku”.

The Therapy of Showers

It still is amazing to me how much my mood can be improved by something as simple as a shower. Even though yesterday I felt empty and disconnected and almost deaf, when I wrote a song and took a shower at 2am, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off me. The problems I had been obsessing over suddenly became manageable, and I felt more willing to do work I had been putting off.

It makes sense to me now how the dark ages must have truly occurred. It was not Christianity, or feudalism, but rather the sudden drop in daily showers after the Romans fell (taking their indoor plumbing and heating with them) that caused such sorrow, violence and ignorance. If only the concept of cleanliness was more emphasized, perhaps the world would have become enlightened much sooner…

Lethargy or Narcolepsy?

Recently I’m finding it harder and harder to wake up in the mornings. It’s like my body is filled with lead, and I don’t want to move, or face any aspect of responsibility in the day. It also doesn’t seem to help that the bed is incredibly comfy and warm and outside it’s a chilly 55 degrees with pouring rain. I also feel tired all the time now. If I could be in a coma for the rest of my life, I can’t imagine being happier.

The greatest weekend

Well, I’m beginning to think this might end up being the greatest weekend in a while. I’m currently working PA for Becca’s show at the Pink Party, which is sounding awesome, and last night I finally made a move on a guy I’be liked for weeks, with very satisfactory results. And tomorrow is my first show of the year at the local coffee shop. Now all I have to do now is get my songwriting project recorded, find a really cute outfit, and a cure for cancer, and this will be the greatest weekend ever!

Rainy Thursday

It’s hard sometimes to wake up in the morning, and realize that half of your day will consist of trudging through ice cold puddles, while your tiny umbrella is buffeted to the point of exhaustion. However, it helps me somewhat to think of how the trees and grass must feel every time it rains. Drinking in the flavors, and soaking up the nutrients… I wonder if different kinds of rain taste distinct. I suppose summer rains in June taste like sunlight, distilled in each drop, and fall rain tastes darker, like wind, and the deep dampness of fallen leaves. Spring rain tastes like oxygen, and a hint of fragrance. It would be fascinating to know what that feels like.

As for me, since I’m not a tree, I like dancing in summer rains, drinking hot chocolate and watching fall and winter rains, and standing under my porch in the spring and watching the rain soak life into the earth.