Things that end, things that start

Well, the love quadrangle is officially, I think, disassembled, much to my own consternation and dismay. Despite the creative attempts on the women’s team it seems that the men were completely unreceptive. I still want everyone to go home happy with someone on their arm, but it seems sometimes like crushes are just doomed to failure.

I do realize, however,  that sometimes when people tell each other how they feel, and start from a place of trust and mutual respect, that something beautiful can happen. Two of my very good friends have taken a step towards that, and I am so glad that they seem to be not only on the same playing field, but ecstatic about it. Congrats (so far unofficially) you two!

No, they’re not getting married, they’re just dating. But in college, finding a man worth your time and effort is like finding a shredded receipt from 6 years ago in a landfill. Or, if you dislike metaphors… very, very hard.


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