The Famous Substitute

Apparently there is to be someone famous teaching my songwriting class tonight, but who that may be, my regular teacher will not say. It could be a truly legendary musician, such as Jim Peterik, (writer of Eye of the Tiger)  who we were lucky enough to meet two years ago in one of my freshman classes. I can never tell if my professor is yanking my chain or not these days. For all I know it could be a teacher I have known well for years.

Either way, two of my classes are canceled tomorrow because my professors will be out of town to examine the newest Pro-tools, and see if it is worth purchasing for our studio. So I’m psyched just to have a shorter school day tomorrow, and to be going to a huge dinner party at my friend Sara’s house.  I should also probably go to the Songwriter’s Guild, since I am the vice president, but I seem to never have the right kind of free time.


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