I am an awful daughter

This last weekend my mother was over visiting and I offered to let her sleep in my bed, since I was going to be partying most of the night. We watched a movie together, then I spruced up and she got ready for bed, and I left her alone in the apartment. I spent the night living it up, flirting, drinking a bit and having a generally awesome time. I ended up falling asleep at my friend’s house around 4am. At 7:48 am I wake up and instantly check my phone. There are two missed messages from my mother. I instantly call her back, worried about how she’s doing. She tells me that she had to leave early that morning, around 6:30, to drive the four hours home in order to get some boys to church on time. However, since I live in a gated community, she would require an access card in order to leave. That early on a Sunday morning there was no one around, so my mother was forced (after calling me twice with no answer) to hop the pointy, tall fence, suitcase and all, in order to get out of the complex, and home in time.

I am an awful daughter. Possibly the worst. How do I make up for inadvertently forcing my mother to act like an escaping convict from my own apartment?


3 thoughts on “I am an awful daughter

  1. Did she go such a distance and find herself 5 hours away on a Saturday night specifically to spend time with you? If so, one might suggest that the appropriate thing to do would have been to not go out that night, and return the favour of your mother’s effort in being there by spending the time with her. If she just happened to be passing through, then the responsibility was with her to let you know she would need to leave early that morning, but it still would have been nice not to go out.

    To make it up? I would suggest driving four hours out to see HER in return for her effort – When was the last time you spent a weekend at home?

  2. Mother survived quite well and was not surprised at the non-response of her daughter at 6.30am, (though she had told her clearly that she would need to leave by that time). Hours working out at the gym have put her in good shape, and she now knows the most convenient place to hop the fence, should the need arise again. But she thinks it would be nice to have a phone call from her daughter, and not just read about the event and remorse from a blog…

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